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She knows that Mommy has a baby in her belly, but she thinks everyone has a baby in their belly.

A few hours later, it turns out K and C are back in an embrace., but their relationship wasn’t without its fair share of drama. After Chyna posted a now-deleted photo with an unidentifiable man’s tattoo-clad arm to her Instagram in January 2016, fans began to suspect the mystery guy was indeed Rob.The relationship would go on to become Rob’s first high-profile relationship since his 2012 romance with singer Rita Ora.And yet, you're excused if you still haven't learnt which Kardashian-Jenner sister is which, or frankly, why they're even famous. Here, we break down the Kardashian family tree in our extensive who's who, because honestly - someone has to! Although he won the case for his client, it is till to his day one of the most controversial verdicts in American history. Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003, weeks after being diagnosed with esophageal cancer.Who: Robert Kardashian What: The late Robert Kardashian was an American attorney, famously known for defending O.

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“For the first time in forever, Rob seems very excited about the future.” In an attempt to address breakup rumors following deleted social media posts of his girlfriend, Rob took to his Instagram in March 2016 to announce that he and Chyna were looking to keep their relationship as private as possible. Rob joined his lady love in Jamaica, where Chyna was set to make a club appearance in March 2016.