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Is konan dating pein

Konan, the Deva Path, the Human Path, and the Naraka Path dedicated their efforts to finding Naruto. The Naraka Path asked those he encountered what they knew and then used its abilities to see who was lying.

Konan and the Deva Path used the threat of death to find out what they wanted.

The defensive measures that had been erected since the last time the village was attacked were presumably built upon. However, Konoha still took part in its ninja mission business.

Team Guy, Hiashi and Hanabi were away when the attack began.

Kōsuke was left in Konoha to send word to Naruto when Pain eventually arrived.

Pain and his partner Konan arrived on the outskirts of Konoha and eliminated all of the village's scouts.

Tsunade then had Katsuyu divide, seek out, and adhere to every villager so that she could tend to the entire village remotely.

When the Human Path captured Shizune, Pain was able to discover where Naruto was.

The Deva Path had Konan and the remaining Paths evacuate while it used a large-scale Shinra Tensei to destroy the village and teach Tsunade "true pain." In a brief moment between when the destruction began and when it was completed, Tsunade had the remaining Katsuyu copies shield the hospital.

The Animal and Preta Paths then switched objectives.

The Animal Path assaulted the location where Jiraiya's prisoner was being held and tried to eliminate everyone at the location.

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Pain had been instructed by his benefactor, Tobi, to capture Naruto.

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