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Aniston and Pitt were actually matched up by their agents.It was a blind date, some sources say, and from how things turned out, they must have been thankful to their matchmaker(s) (we could drop a few bucks for a name).And why are things going so well for Aniston at the moment?Nearly five months after she and Theroux confirmed their separation to the public, Us Weekly alleges that Aniston isn't just out there looking for a new partner again.

“Courteney told her if the time comes, she’ll throw her the best baby shower ever,” adds the seemingly phony tipster. The supposed “source” doesn’t actually know the name of the director who Aniston is supposedly dating, and this “insider” only suspects she might be pregnant, despite having zero evidence to back up the claim.With the exception of Brad Pitt, of course, that is.Some folks out there really think she and Pitt are back together. No way it would be misleading its readers in any way, shape or form, right? “As strong as Jen is, she tends to be very wary of new people,” says a friend. She's actually being wooed by “It’s very hush-hush,” a friend tells this tabloid, only saying that neither suitor is in the acting business.The first contender, says another source, is a tech titan introduced to Aniston by a close pal.

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Just last week, ’s tale of a mystery boyfriend and possible pregnancy is simply baseless.