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Bria's relationship controversies started back in 2009 when she started getting mentioned by Drake in his songs.

While it was believed that Drake hooked-up with Bria, Drake, on the other side, made his feelings clear that there always has been a lot of girls who have come into his life and inspired.

It's been seven years that Bria is ruling the game with her hot body.

She got attention when she was mentioned in Drake’s songs, .” The model was also rumored to have hooked up with the famous rapper, Drake.

In 2009, another man who added to Bria’s dating life was actor Laz Alonso.

He opened up about his sensual relationship with Bria in an interview with “ After years of separating with Drake and Laz, she was seen together with some other boys in the town. The photo of Bria celebrating her boyfriend Sean’s birthday caused some storm in the media.

However, their romance later took the back seat and never received the limelight.And he loves to speak about these women through his songs which somehow clarified that Bria was an inspiration to him in some way back then.This statement made it clear that they were not in a relationship.While all the models hit the limelight with their appearances and attires, Model Brya Myles keeps the limelight not only with her looks but also from her long list of boyfriends that still hasn't got over the edge. A.-native has been ruling the modeling world with her hot body for more than seven years.She got more fame when she was mentioned in the famous rapper Drake’s songs, Bria Myles featured on BET Rap City's "Who's That Girl" on 20 March 2007.

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The two went out for a birthday double date along with their close friend Natalie Nunn and her husband Jacob Payne but the things did not work out well with Sean as well, and the two took a different path.

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