Is chris l dating

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Is chris l dating

That's a good one…" She added: "I mean they got a divorce like two years later and everybody was like [shouting] Jennifer Lawrence! what I'm in Montreal two years later." Jennifer Lawrence has broken her silence on those Chris Pratt romance rumours Rumours of a romance first swirled in 2016 when they filmed their Hollywood blockbuster, with fans quickly pointing the blame at Jennifer for Chris and Anna's split, but the claims were refuted by both parties.Anna and Chris announced their plans to divorce in August after eight years of marriage.After all, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” comes out this weekend.Pratt’s been doing all the usual promotional activities, like getting up at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday night to accept a Generation Award and to lecture the audience on how “God is real” and then to offer advice on how to poop at someone’s party and not stink up their bathroom, People reported.Actually, TMZ shared 46 photos of the “Jurassic World” actor and lifestyle blogger out on their date.But the two didn’t seem to be doing much besides sitting on the ottomans of Adirondak chairs and facing each other while enjoying sandwiches, bags of chips and a couple of apples. Jezebel writer Bobby Finger wonders if this sighting of Pratt and Schwarzenegger was intentional on their part.

With Schwarzenegger, TMZ noted, they looked like they were having a nice time.

TMZ reported that Pratt, 38, had picked Schwarzenegger up at her home and drove her up the coast to Santa Barbara. The picnic photo seems so “obviously staged,” said Finger, who incidentally called Pratt “the worst of Hollywood’s four major Chrises.” Finger said, “It’s common among purveyors of celebrity gossip …

At their picnic spot, the two laughed a bit, and then gathered up what was left of their lunch and drove off in a red Ford SUV. to throw around phrases like ‘they obviously called the paparazzi’ when a public outing is so obviously staged.” Finger said it’s entirely possible that an A-lister like Pratt is tailed at all times and can’t go anywhere in public without being photographed.

The mum-of-one opened up about her "insecurities" after the rumours surfaced in October, writing in her book: "Jennifer and I really are friendly, and she was apologetic even though she didn’t need to be, because she hadn’t done anything wrong." READ: Chris Pratt opens up about ex-wife Anna Faris for first time since split During her radio chat, Jennifer - who has previously dated Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin - also joked about being romantically linked to Brad Pitt.

She said: "It was super flattering but at one point I was just like 'dating Brad Pitt'. You know that was weird." Jennifer has had a busy few weeks, promoting her new film, Red Sparrow.

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