Is anyone consolidating private student loans

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But I found a blog online where the writer put their referral link.I sent the blog and screenshots of the referral offer to Earnest with my application and they honored it.I then spent the last weeks finalizing my applications with So Fi and Earnest.Originally I thought I'd go with So Fi because they got most of my information confirmed quickly and accurately, although I disputed my annual gross income and had to get my employer to verify my income to So Fi which took an extra week and a half.

I personally do not know anyone who uses Earnest so I had no one to get referred to.As the name suggests, the variable rate is subject to change.Depending on the company, you rate can change annually or even monthly.Ultimately I am putting my own bonus towards my payments but it's a nice option to have some free cash.As an aside, I also highly recommend you get a fixed rate loan, even if you're paying a slightly higher interest rate than an offered variable rate.

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In full transparency, yes, I would benefit from you doing this, but you would receive an equal benefit, and it's an awesome perk you should take advantage of if you don't know anyone else with Earnest.

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