Is anthony cumia still dating melissa Free adult chat edinburgh

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Is anthony cumia still dating melissa

They chat a bit about the photoshop pics of Colin Quinn, conspiracy theorists, Jimmy's latest fanboy photos, his dinner with Ozzy and Sharon, and women in comedy.They wrap up by talking about Keith the cop's "plump toes," the situation in Ferguson, and Jimmy's Vice show.

They discuss the latest beheading, Jimmy's personal life, the way the press sensationalizes everything, and the i Cloud's most recent hacking.They engage in Sharpton and Obama talk, reminisce about "Tough Crowd," discuss how salaries have changed over the years, we find out where to get Nick's podcast (Riot Cast, i Tunes, Stitcher), and they bond over their shared love of The Sopranos. Ant tells Nick the story of his breakup with Jill Nicolini, they go over the MTV's Video Music Awards and Miley Cyrus's "movie version of a homeless guy," and then end with a chat about old-timey masturbation.Ant starts the show revisiting Miley Cyrus at the VMA's and her "homeless movie star," we see a few clips of real homeless guys, watch two horrendous "ice bucket challenge" videos, and listen in on a couple of calls.Lady Di gets through the phone lines for another "special" call to talk about her roommate Bill? Colin Quinn joins Anthony in the bar to reminisce about his bartending and drinking days.We learn about the ethnicity book and show Col's working on, they discuss people who seek out things to be "offended" by, the public's inability to have open and honest dialogue, they touch on the conflicts going on overseas, diversity in police forces, and the power of social media and of the "69".

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After a "special" call from Bobo, Ant brings up the chaos in Ferguson, we watch a video of the overnight mayhem as well as one of Michael Brown before the shooting, he goes into Dr.