Is alexis bledel dating anyone 2016

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According to Who Dates Who, he enjoyed love life with three people.

The first lucky girl was Kate Bosworth, and then Julianna Margulies.

When Milo Ventimiglia was a regular on Gilmore Girls, I was in love with his dark hair and eyes, his crooked smile, and the fact that he was mysterious. You're not supposed to be with one another."But while it looks like he is currently single, we can still take a look at who Ventimiglia has dated in the past.

Now, as an adult, I recognize that theese traits in men have usually ended terribly for me, but you know what, a girl can still dream. When he was in peak heartthrob mode in the early '00s, I remember many a teen magazine cover discussing his love life, because... Back then, I think I liked to live on the "ignorance is bliss" side of the things, because trying to cope with the fact that I would probably never date him was even more heartbreaking. Here are some of the women Ventimiglia has dated — or been rumored to date — over the years.

In 2011, Matt confirmed his status being single with Vulture.

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But then again, he is secretive in nature and his personal information has never leaked.

Well, we didn’t figure a thing about what he was trying to say then.

People wrote that the couple were first spotted being cozy at the Emmys in September of that year.

Their romance ended in early 2009, and their age difference was cited as an issue by a source who spoke with People, as they had a 12-year age gap.

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In February 2010, the pair was seen at Disneyland, but then two years later, Brewster was reported to be dating Russell Brand, so the coupling of Brewster and Ventimiglia must have been fairly short-lived.

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