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It should be added that, except for a short-lived presidential-preference primary adopted in 1913 (invalidated in 1916), the primaries in Texas were required by law to be administered and paid for by the party; most of the money came from filing fees.

Fees for county offices ranged from ,000 to 0.

Runoff elections are held the second Tuesday in April.

The second primary had been generally adopted in the one-party states of the South in order to ensure majority elections, since final election in most cases was really determined in the primary and the general election in November amounted to little more than a formality.

The intent was to give more weight in presidential election years to Southern primaries.

The strategy has seemingly worked, as presidential candidates now spend more time campaigning in Texas and the rest of the South.

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The earlier dates for the primaries allowed Johnson to be nominated for reelection to the United States Senate and simultaneously to have his name on the ballot as a presidential candidate.