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Letting others into their inner sanctum isn’t always comfortable for an INTJ, so always tread lightly with your criticism.However, your average INTJ is always happier with hard data, and chances, are they’ll appreciate having a clear idea of what you want.Known for what I would call an almost sense of introversion, INTJs are usually whip-smart, highly invested in their interests (some of which you will probably never ever find out about), and don’t really see any point to consulting others before making their choices.

They’re pretty averse to things being sprung on them, particularly if what’s being sprung involves something out of their comfort zone.There’s a reason the type is nicknamed The Mastermind; it’s not hard to picture your average INTJ happily absconding to a remote lab to do a little plotting in solitude.For those of you who get caught up on the letters of the Myers-Briggs, INTJ stands for Introverted, i Ntuitive, Thinking, and Judging.Self-sufficient internal processors who treasure their independence and personal space, this type can get a lot of flack (from me) for being cold and rigid.However, the protective shell these hermit crabby types build around themselves also means that, when given, an INTJ’s trust makes an extremely rare and precious prize.

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Plus, most INTJs would rather die than have to go back on their statements later and risk being called out for it.