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Intj esfj dating

Duality: Duality is a big part of Socionics and what people get obsessed with. I read another INTj (probably a very heavily Ti driven one) who was sort of completely aiming for it in his life and I think it’s dangerous to assess people in terms of their personality-type compatibility.Still, the idea is attractive, so very very attractive.Of course, duality is also about work relations, friendships and so forth, but it’s often seen as the ultimate romantic combination where you have two people supporting each other.

The striving for novel experiences in the ESFj will eventually tire the INTj who then regulates the behaviour, and vice versa, the ESFj can provide needed novelty for the INTj.

Second issue for the INTj is that they’re bad at standing up from themselves and their interests, unless it directly goes against a core value or principle.

They also have issues taking care of their physical and material needs, preferring to minimise it in their lives or simply forget.

The INTj on their side can lack tact and not giving proper attention to others, and despite striving for politeness and treating people well, might accidentally offend others through their cold analysis.

The ESFj brings warmth and ease into the relationship, smoothing over the rougher edges of the INTj.

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Instead of making a budget I live off what I think I might have, never too much in excess and indulgence unless I’m particularly stressed or tired and my self-control (like anyones when the brain is tired) might slip and I accidentally buy 10 books at once through Amazon.