Intimidating technology

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Intimidating technology

SEE: Recruiting and hiring top talent: A guide for business leaders (free PDF) (Tech Republic) The bottom line is that employers are looking for more than just tech skills in candidates.Most people can learn technical skills, but emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are tougher to teach, which is why they are proven to be so lucrative in candidates.

He excused himself to go to the restroom but didn't return after 15 minutes.

When I entered the office lights were off, it was before lunch, so I thought it was rather odd that she was nowhere around and the light was off, since I didn't see her leave.

I proceeded to turn the light on and walked towards the filing cabinet, when all of a sudden the desk chair moved. I when I asked her why she was under there, she proceeded to inform me in a very calm voice that she was taking a nap." 7.

They didn't come back for an hour and still wanted to proceed with the interview! Too many applications "I have had several past candidates start to look extremely confused mid-interview.

When I would ask them what the problem was, they would ask me to tell me who I was and what the company was they were at.

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Their work suffered, as well."SEE: Telephone interview cheat sheet: Software developer (Tech Pro Research) 6.