Intimidating song titles

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Intimidating song titles

He beings that mentality to his entrance theme, Twisted Sister's "I Wanna Rock." The song would fit anyone as a great entrance theme piece.

All Yankees fans, and perhaps many others, know that Mariano Rivera and Metallica go hand in hand. Ryan Spilborghs may not be with the Rockies anymore, but he does leave behind a great walk-up theme that hopefully he'll bring to future team.

Sure, it's not a high priority, but anything that gets the blood flowing is a good thing.

Anthony Rizzo has this under control with "Can't Stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

James Shields could have made the list for either song that he's used.

Before last season, he used Rammstein's "Du Hast," a song that I'm surprised hasn't been used more often by other major ballplayers. It seemed to have helped him greatly, though we'll see if he carries his performance and the song into 2012.

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