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Intimidating nicknames for girls

Most of the parents shy from keeping a bad boy baby name because of their unpleasant meaning.If you are one of those mommies, then you can pick Brendan, a Gaelic name meaning ‘brave.’From an ace up your sleeve to acing a test, this name has plenty of positive connotations yet sounds bad to the bone.Freddy Krueger (from A Nightmare on Elm Street) Wes Craven picked this because it was the name of a boy who bullied him in school. Cropsy (from The Burning) The name comes from an urban legend about an axe-wielding maniac named John Cropsey. Cujo, Crusher, Grizzly, Cerberus, Killer, Demon, Hannibal, Spike, Ripper, Bedlam, Brutus, Razor, Jaws, Psycho, Reaper, Chopper, Grinder, Lucifer, Chaos, Shredder, Fang, Rasputin, Savage, Reptar, Satan, Chomper, Slash. Shades of Death Road in New Jersey Ghost House Lane, Beeston, Nottinghamshire Devil’s Dyke Road in Brighton, UK. Beelzebub Road in South Windsor, Conn Hanging Hill Lane, Brentwood, Essex Hell Lane in Wakefield, UK.

Pennywise, Zebo the Clown, The Crimson Clown, Bobo the Clown, Pogo the Clown, Shakes the Clown, Binky the Clown, Buggy the Clown, Killjoy, Odd Bob the Clown, Sticky the Clown, Gurdy the Clown, Zombozo, Stitches, Dr Rockso, Biffo, Twisty, Hop-Frog, Koko the Killer, Chuckles the Butcher, Gurgles the Clown.

It's as if they looked around and said, "What's the least intimating thing we can think of? Actually, I kind of like it._______________________________________Note 1: I included only schools most Americans might have heard of, which is why the "Dolphins" (five different colleges), the "Manatees" (State College of Florida), the "Banana Slugs," and the "Battlin' Bishops" do not appear.

"Here, in order from not very intimidating to even more not very intimidating, are nine colleges that have this nickname thing completely backward:9. Note 2: All schools with bird nicknames were automatically eliminated. Note 3: All schools with Indian nicknames were also eliminated.

Elvira, Drusilla, Cruella, Griselda, Morticia, Antoinette, Crimson, Scarlet, Raven, Shadow, Mercy, Tempest, Mordred, Desdemona, Winifred, Althea, Temperance, Lucinda, Henrietta, Lenore, Coraline, Belladonna (a poisonous plant), Hecate (a witch from Shakespeare’s Mac Beth), Zelda.

Damien, Norman, Igor, Cole, Vlad, Luther, Boris, Abel, Barnabas, Dexter, Zander, Ichabod, Raoul, Ebenezer, Edgar, Bran, Gideon. Mister Frost, Mister Sinister, Mister Dread, Mister Shhh, Mr Rellik, Dr Alucard, Mr Natas, Mr Morte, Mr Fogg, Mr Hex, Mister Moloch, Mister Mesmer, Mister Peepers, Mister Hollow, Dr Frankenstein, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, Mister Mystery, Mr Leech, Mr Nobody, Mr Stench, Mr Murder, Mr Sardonicus, Mr Mean, Mr Vile, Mr Foul, Mr Skeeve, Mr Scratch, Mr Fagin, Mr Magwitch, Dr Faustus, Mr Murderous, Mr Savage, Dr Death, Dr Giggles.

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These colleges seem to believe they can lull opponents to sleep with their nicknames. When I think of volunteers I think of people serving meals to the homeless or those people that shove pamphlets for their politician brother in your hands at Memorial Day parades. I actually know a few farmers and when they're sober there's nothing to fear. Ducks are so not scary, they were long ago rubberized to assuage the trauma children regularly have while bathing.5. Rub that clear stuff that leaks out of blisters on my new jeans? The scariest thing I can think of that's orange is those nasty peanut spongy candy things you see around Halloween. I'm not going to get into this one much further because the whole thing just sort of speaks for itself. Maybe instead of competing against the other Ivy League schools, they could get together for some diplomacy, hold hands, and sing Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All."1. Like you, I thought a hoya was some kind of bulldog-like dog. " He used the Greek work because he was pretentious like that.

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