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Intimidating hostile or

Workplace bullies choose their targets for a variety of reasons.

In some cases, the bully is jealous of her targeted victim and engages in intimidation tactics to undermine the victim's reputation and job performance.

Filing a police report may also serve as valuable evidence if the victim needs to apply for unemployment benefits or decides to pursue a legal complaint against the employer or abuser.

State and Local Laws Because federal employment laws provide only limited protection against workplace harassment, some states and cities have passed laws and ordinances that either prohibit harassment entirely or expand the categories under which harassment is illegal.

Many people seem to think that schoolyard taunts stop after high school. Adults may engage in bullying behavior at work, victimizing subordinates, colleagues and sometimes even superiors.

Bullying behavior, particularly when perpetrated by someone in a supervisory, management or executive position, can intimidate workers into accepting poor treatment and violations of their rights.

Some bullies may spread negative gossip about the victim, possibly injuring the victim's workplace, industry and personal reputation.

Over time, the victim's job performance may also suffer.

Federal law prohibits some types of workplace harassment, such as the intimidation or bullying of whistleblowers or people protected under anti-discrimination laws, but not all types of harassment are necessarily illegal.

In addition, victims of and witnesses to workplace bullying may develop negative physical and mental health symptoms that can affect both quality of life and career development.

Bullying Definition Bullying can best be understood as a pattern of aggressive, contemptuous and abusive behavior toward another party.

However, some states and municipalities do provide workers with broader protections against bullying bosses and co-workers.

Protected Categories Federal anti-discrimination laws prohibit harassment, bullying or intimidation of workers on the basis of age (for victims 40 and over), sex, national origin, race, disability or religion.

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In such cases, an employee may be able to claim benefits.

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