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We’re looking at you, Bruiser the Chihuahua from the movie, “Legally Blonde”!

Or for your large dog, you might call him “Little John”.

Good dog names for boys might complement your four-legged boy’s features, size, or personality.

For example, you could give your tiny dog a name that’s bigger than he is.Here are some puppy names for boys that will call out your male dog’s powerful physique: On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your small-breed male puppy is destined to remain cutely compact, then his name might reflect his uber-adorable small size.Puppy names, boy or girl, that play up a vertically challenged stature are popular among “toy” breeds, especially those that are small enough to fit into a lady’s purse.But the names in this generator will at least have a darker sound to it, and thus fit those on the darker side of life quite well.The names range from the obvious ones (perhaps the cliche names), like 'Deville' to more obscure and normal names.

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Here are some satirical male puppy names that are sure to raise a few giggles: Another fun way to name is through your pup’s good looks!

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