Intimidating advanced guestbook 2 4

Posted by / 24-Jan-2020 11:07

If i don't remember, i am blocked, and i have not succedded on find the request i had to do (not return when you click on "save").

Vatadoshu , (UTC) I think about a point that have not be mentionned in the "game": the sandbox.

and at some point that level 1 heading disappeared.Often, if i don't do what is said, like wikilink, and i click "save page".If i don't remember what was required to do, i am bloqued.I saw the thing about using section edits in the bugs section.I want to second that and add that the markup at the top of the page might be a bit confusing to new editors, if we used the section edit feature it would hide those text (at least in the parts before we add sections and where there is a level 1 heading in the earth article).

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the sandbox is important for a "newbie" who want to write an article and you don't speak once about it. it seems i redid a couple of sections and more than one badge was added to my page for completing them correctly.