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Thailand is one of the first stops when it comes to finding an Asian girlfriend for your holiday or something more long term. If you take care of her, she will be yours for life.

Imagine strolling down a sunny Thailand beach, arm in arm, with a gorgeous Thai girl.

We think we are the best online Thai dating site on the Internet.

We have created Thai to connect Western single guys looking for Thai women or ladyboys. Whether you are a ‘Farang’ expat wanting to meet a Thai lady or Thai ladyboy OR you are a Thai woman or Thai ladyboy looking to find a new Western man for your life, Thai wants to make that happen for your life.

From our experience, Thai people love their country and culture, more than any other people that we are aware of. Doing so demonstrates you are interested in who they are and what their historical upbringing is all about.

Learning a few easy to remember Thai words will bring a special sparkle to your Thai companion's eyes.

Remember, lengthy replies lead to confusion and maybe not getting an answer to your message. Use short sentences until you know their level of understanding.

Try these: You're using a dating site, remember.

It's OK to contact more than 1 Thai lady at any one time, with multiple conversations.

Online dating follows the same principles you would use in a real life dating situation.

Except you have the added benefit of multiple contacts at the same time.

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They are mostly slim, honey-skinned and oozing sexy sensuality that will make your knees weak.

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