Internet dating faq

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Internet dating faq

Visit your city site to see exactly how the groups are defined there (i.e.

Homepage Your City page) Group 1: 20 – 35 years Group 2: 30 – 45 years Group 3: 45 – 55 years The age classifications are used as a guide and may vary slightly depending on the ages given.

Breaking the glass ceiling yet again, Facebook will launch its newest dating feature called Facebook Dating.

Otherwise it’s like having a ticket to a brilliant concert that has to go to waste.

If you sign up by yourself, we’ll assign you a team partner.

If you are signing up as a team, please indicate the name of your partner.

Bear in mind the 4 other people that will be affected, too, as well as those at your 3 tables in your 3 bars.

But besides that, why would you want to miss out on such a fun evening? Groups of 3 people of the same gender isn’t possible for one team.

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Should one person get more than one “Yes,” he/she will receive more than one “matching mail.” It can be an unlimited number.

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