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The ICHD-3 online service enables fast digital access to all information of the international headache classification.

The ICHD-3 beta version continues to be available digitally and can be seen for comparison purposes.

Hopefully many additional translations will be published so that ICHD-3 becomes available in all major and even in many minor languages.

An electronic version of ICHD-3 beta already developed under the leadership of Professor Hartmut Göbel has been updated to ICHD-3.

Consequently, these symptoms are included only in the Appendix of ICHD-3, where they invite further study.

The idea behind the beta version was to promote more field testing before presentation of the final ICHD-3, and this has worked well.We have kept this momentum for 30 years, and the superiority of our classification became evident recently during the committee work in Geneva on the neurological section of ICD-11.No other discipline within neurology has such a systematic classification with explicit diagnostic criteria for every disease entity.A long journey that started in 2010 has ended with the publication of ICHD-3, but the present committee has still much to do for a couple of years.ICHD-3 beta was translated into many languages, and these translations need updating before ICHD-3 can be published in those languages.

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There have been excellent field-testing studies published, in migraine with aura, cluster headache, idiopathic intracranial hypertension and trigeminal neuralgia among others.

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