Inter religion dating

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Inter religion dating

Both spouses might try the test independently, and see if they share a faith group that returns a high rating for both of them. They might go to one church each Sunday morning and the other on Sunday evening.Or they might go to a Sunday service at alternate churches on successive weeks.They might satisfy their needs for fellowship by joining with other similar couples to form a house church.In many ways, these ecumenical couples are showing Christian churches the types of compromise necessary to achieve unity.If the spouses have a high level of commitment to their faith, any form of compromise may be intolerable.Each spouse may choose to follow their past religious heritage, separately.The degree of differences and amount of conflict vary widely from family to family.

The same dynamics equally apply to people who go to a church, circle, grotto, mosque, synagogue, or temple; they also apply for same-gender and opposite gender couples.

We have selected a term to describe each of the options.

Both spouses withdraw from organized religious activity.

They might stop attending church and avoid religious discussions within their marriage.

This has the advantage of minimizing friction over differences in religious tradition. Often one or both spouses will want to become religiously more active, later in life - perhaps after the birth of a child.

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Many couples defer resolution of their inter-faith status until later in marriage, perhaps when their first child arrives.

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