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Inmate dating website

However, I can tell you which I believe are the most popular.Full disclosure: By reading this you will not hold me or liable for any issues that may arise from connecting with any prisoners using these sites.Prison – This site claims to be the “World’s most trusted prison pen pal service in the USA.” Is it true?Honestly, I can’t say whether or not it’s true but the site does have 2,000 Facebook likes.Are you looking to connect with a female prisoner in a pen pal sex relationship or something more intimate and sensual? I had no idea that all these prison dating and jail dating networks existed.I guess just like any other fetish (you know, like swingers or feet fiends or things of that nature), some people have a fetish of wanting to connect with women convicted of crimes.It might be one of those sites that just put on a front as if real inmates are on the site but they may not be. Female Prison Pals – The network seems to be a pen pal site that caters to guy and girls that want to connect with female prisoners. It’s a site that provides answers to about 20 questions per prisoner along with the full name of the female prisoners and their charges.

I’d also like to point out that the site cannot and will not protect prisoners either. After digging further, I was able to learn that the M. of this site is to eventually get you to join other websites.

I wouldn’t recommend using this due to it looking as though it’s been hacked or something. Dating – The site took advantage of the latest domain extensions and they created a “dating” site just for civilians that want to connect with inmates I guess.

It’s a free network that’s managed by a company called Gone Global.

The website was rebuilt back in June 2017 but it’s been around for many years (started back in 1998).

Some of the girls on this site actually aren’t that bad looking but I’m certainly not suggesting that you connect with a convict and start to get intimate with them.

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It’s perhaps the most old-school looking of all the female prison dating sites and I cannot seem to understand why, to be honest.