Inernet dating

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Inernet dating

Emerging markets are an important focus for Facebook since it has long become a mainstream service in Western markets, and the lion’s share of new Internet users will come online from Africa, Asia and Latin America… Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously likened to a 911 telephone call, that’s to say that basic services should be available to everyone on the planet without charge in the same way that you can call the cops for free.Of course, the benefits of more people trying out mobile Internet services is that they might find the web compelling and go out and buy a smartphone, data plan or pre-pay SIM with mobile Internet.

It has been found that just over half of the women with a good monthly salary in Beijing choose not to get married (China Daily, 2003).

If the source you are quoting from directly is in another language, give the original words (in the correct font if necessary) and translate it, putting 'my translation' in square brackets afterwards.

1949年,中华人民共和国成立以来,中国政府一向十分重视发展教育事业。 (In 1949 the People’s Republic of China built up and so the Chinese government began to pay more attention to public educational development.[my translation]) (CERNET, 2003)Some websites such as Wikipedia have a link which automatically creates a reference for the page you are looking at. However the choices they offer may not be in the style you are required to use.

There are an initial 38 websites and services bundled into the free service in India.

The selection ranges from Facebook and Facebook Messenger , to news services — BBC, Reuters, ESPN and India Today — music site Hungama, news aggregator News Hunt, Wikipedia and government relations site AP Speaks.

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