Im dating my former teacher not dating anymore

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Though we work directly with students and best understand their needs as well as obstacles to implementation, teacher perspectives often are treated as extraneous to school planning processes.

Maybe it is simply the result of adults’ negative memories of school.I understood that leaving the medical profession to join the teaching ranks would be perceived by some as a downgrade.The feedback I received during my career transition, however, revealed the true extent to which we disparage our teachers and the work of teaching.But I believe this widespread derision also arises because so many outside of the field misunderstand the complexity of the job. Meeting the educational and developmental needs of children in schools is every bit as difficult as meeting their medical needs in hospitals and clinics.Yet, instead of honoring the intensity and multidimensionality of the job, we trivialize the intricacies and minimize the challenges.

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Studying and addressing medical pathology, though impactful, began to seem less magical than fostering resilience.