Im dating a gang member Gratis sexchat voor ipad

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Im dating a gang member

I just finished writing a good friend that makes this possible, I mean being able to write this to you. My gang showed me love because I did want that, so I got a so-called "homie love" thing going, but it's nothing like that parent love you have. I know the same excuses you are talking about and I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. A lot of people knew of me and socially I was doing well in school.

All I can say is there's something better to life than this gang bang stuff. Academically I was not doing so well because I was kind of lazy. Feeling like I was nothing, I began to leave home more often, staying out for days at a time.

The bottom line is to ask yourself, is a relationship worth all of the other baggage you get from it somewhere down the line, maybe even years later. Thank you - Angel California How has life in a gang affected your life in whole? The same people that I protected were witnesses against me in court. They serve as a reminder of my past involvement in gang life and people are always asking me about them. I started to meet people but did not feel close to any of them.

Girls and women involve with guys in gangs are no better off.

When a female gets involved with a guy in a gang, she immediately gets all the bad things the guy might be in for. The bad part here is that while the guy might know, he may never tell the woman, or not even think something can happen to her.

The same things happen when women just do a guy a favor, like giving another guy a place to sleep for a night, and drive him somewhere to deliver a car to someone.

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The guy you give a place to stay as a favor might have just escaped from prison; the car you drop off might have drugs, guns, or a body in it.

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