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Are you or someone you know the perfect coed for Chive U?YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I don't think there's anything hotter than a girl that plays sports.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Well, last year I was dating a girl, and I invited her over to watch a Jets game.A few of my friends were over, and it was one of the first times she was meeting them.At least here you can get as wild as you want without any unwanted repercussions later.

I admit: there's something off about a girl in a football jersey.OLD MARRIED GUY: I drank my weight in Trader Joe's lager.OLD MARRIED GUY: My wife watched the game, but she was only in it for the junk food.But watching sports with a girl is totally different beast.Were there any annoying girls at your Super Bowl party?

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YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Dating girls with a truly genuine interest in sports is awesome.