Ibanez ts9 serial number dating

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Ibanez ts9 serial number dating

I've seen the black label pedals in good condition go for over 0.

Ibanez officially uses serial numbers on their guitars from September 1975 onwards.

The series code usually is an abbreviation of the series name.

Starting in 2014 a new naming convention was added for certain models in the Prestige line.

These models use three digit numbers where the first (hundreds) digit indicates the number of strings: 6, 7 or 8.

Other series that have used this system are the Ergodyne and Talman series Models with four digit numbers (from 1000 and on) now fall within the Prestige range, the higher quality class guitars, usually produced in Japan, although there are some Korea produced Prestige guitars.

An exception are numbers starting with 7 (so for instance, the S7320). Actually these guitars are part of the S7 and RG7 subseries.

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Common suffixes include: DX (deluxe), E (EMG pickups), FM (flamed maple top), QM (quilted maple top) and Z (Edge Zero tremolo equipped).

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