Hung jury dating club

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Some trials end with the jurors only partially hung: In other words, they may have reached an agreement on some of the charges but be hopelessly deadlocked on the rest.

Through the concept of double jeopardy, the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution prevents the law from retrying a defendant more than once for the same offense after a panel of jurors has either acquitted or convicted him.For the defendant, a deadlocked jury can amount to a blessing or a curse.Since the trial did not reach a definitive conclusion, a retrial is still possible, and it may end more favorably for him or her.That’s why judges will do their best to encourage the minority holdouts to re-examine the evidence, rethink their positions and reach some sort of consensus.Other courts, however, find this approach to be coercive in nature, and the judges in these venues will take care to instruct the jurors not to feel pressured into changing their opinions.

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He or she may decline to do this, and in some cases, the judge may disallow it.