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Unfortunately, Kloepfer had no idea what she had gotten herself into — and how bad things would get.

I will never forget the look on his face, it wasn’t evil but he was staring nursing a beer.” Kloepfer became Ted Bundy’s girlfriend soon after meeting at the Sandpiper Tavern and quickly noticed some strange items and behaviors.

Ted Bundy’s infamous string of 1970s killings has immortalized him in American history as one of the most disarmingly charming and macabre murderers of the 20th century.

But while his story has been told time and again, relatively little is known about those on the periphery of his life.

“When I talked to him, he agreed now was the time to do it.” Their trip to the courthouse was successful in garnering a marriage license but a few days later the couple had a substantial fight. Nonetheless, the two continued working on their relationship and decided to stay together. “Both of us knew it would be impossible to have a baby now,” she wrote.

“He was going to start law school in the fall, and I needed to be able to work to put him through. I knew I was going to terminate the pregnancy as soon as I could. He had fathered a baby.” Kloepfer did, however, terminate the pregnancy.

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“I was already planning the wedding and naming the kids.

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