How radiometric dating supports the theory of evolution Sms sex chat phone numbers

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Using fossils as guides, they began to piece together a crude history of Earth, but it was an imperfect history.After all, the ever-changing Earth rarely left a complete geological record.Before then, the Bible had provided the only estimate for the age of the world: about 6,000 years, with Genesis as the history book.Hutton's theories were short on evidence at first, but by 1830 most scientists concurred that Noah's ark was more allegory than reality as they documented geological layering.Otherwise, the experiment cannot prove something’s true of false.

To test this assumption, scientists conduct experiments that either disprove or correlate with the hypothesis. If new technology allows better experimentation, for example, a theory may need to be discarded.Scientists discovered that rocks could be timepieces -- literally.Many chemical elements in rock exist in a number of slightly different forms, known as isotopes.Geologist Ralph Harvey and historian Mott Greene explain the principles of radiometric dating and its application in determining the age of Earth.As the uranium in rocks decays, it emits subatomic particles and turns into lead at a constant rate.

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For example, about 1.5 percent of a quantity of Uranium 238 will decay to lead every 100 million years.

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