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The product sampling and subscription business model they’re built on is arguably the hottest trend in ecommerce right now, delivering recurring revenues to entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries at relatively low costs as often as they deliver cool, new stuff to subscribers.

By now you’ve probably heard about successful curated subscription box-based startups like these.

Let’s face it, the primary purpose of a first date is to assess whether there is enough chemistry to spend even more time together.

There are a number of first date “do’s and don’t’s” questions to consider: In future articles we will be discussing places to go on your first date.

Related: How Ipsy, Michelle Phan's Million-Member Sampling Service, Is Giving Birchbox a Run For Its Money Perhaps you’d like to take the leap like Ray but aren’t quite sure how.

Lucky for you, it’s easier now than ever for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs to launch, manage and grow their own subscription box startups.

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Several years ago I wanted to increase our family’s income, but I didn’t want a regular job.Tasks like data entry might fetch - an hour, but if you have a specialized skill or expertise, you could make 0 dollars an hour or more.Most VAs set their own rates, so you are in control.You can also ask around, read great articles, do some googling and find people who are already VAs.Check out their websites, see what they offer and get an idea of how it might work for you.

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On the other hand, some VAs prefer to work for an established company that matches VAs and clients. Most VA companies include clauses in their legal contracts prohibiting you from taking their clients with you if you decide to leave.