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Hookup fakes

We thought that we'd always just have to be satisfied wearing out those minute-long sex scenes on VHS tapes of our favorite erotic thrillers.

In the 1990's, if you wanted to buy a new album by your favorite band, or movie starring your favorite actor, there's a very good chance that you'd do it at a Tower Records.

The combined level of fame between the two of them hasn't come even close to being matched by another celebrity couple since.

There are also instances where celebrity porn tapes were acquired, but legal action stopped them from being released.Years passed without another celebrity sextape being released into the world, but once that drought ended, it seems as though there's at least a few new tapes finding their way out into the world each year.One of the most famous examples is the tape that was made by Hilton Hotels heiress, Paris Hilton and professional poker player, Rick Salomon that came out in 2004.Without knowing how courts would rule, that was a big risk to take, regardless of how huge the obvious demand for the product was.Those days are over though, and we've got you covered with a bit of a fun look at the history of celebrity sex tapes, and a handy directory to find the best links to turn your computer screen into a celebrity porn tube.

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There are no nipple pasties or socks to cover up junk in sex tapes.

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