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Hong kong nude live chat

They will contact family members and friends of the person they are imitating, and ask to borrow money.

Because the voices sound so much alike, they often win the trust of people and get them to send the money.

In other more extreme examples, parents were asked to follow a link to complete the payment.

The link installed a virus onto the parent’s phone, allowing the scammer to have full access to the victim’s We Chat wallet.

Once opening the packaging, people discover their package is actually empty.

In another version, scammers will first call the victim pretending to be their neighbor.

Additionally, they also warn people should be on their guard sharing voice messages or any other form of personal information with strangers.In yet another scam, often referred to as the “compensation scam,” scammers call customers and pretend to be employees of a delivery company.On the phone, they will tell that one of their carriers accidentally lost or damaged the ordered product and that they want to compensate for the loss.In some cases, scammers ask customers to add a We Chat account so they can be compensated for their ‘loss’.In the final step, they will require them to scan a QR-code, or click a link, and to transfer a small ‘service’ fee.

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With cash delivery packages, customers are advised to always check the package before sending the courier away.

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