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That same year, Smith appeared in the tell-all self-promoting film, Anna Nicole Smith: Exposed, which was based on several photo sessions during her Playboy career.She appeared as Donna, the friend of Veronica Chase, played by Kirstie Alley, on the sitcom Veronica's Closet in 1999.In an attempt to earn acting respect, Smith agreed to appear in To the Limit (1995), her first starring role.She played Colette Dubois, a retired spy seeking revenge on the murderer of her husband.In the photo, she appears squatting in a short skirt with cowboy boots as she eats chips. Patrick Freydl, initiated a million lawsuit against the magazine, claiming that Smith did not authorize the use of her photo.The suit also alleged that the article damaged her reputation.She modeled for fashion companies, including Guess, H&M, Heatherette and Lane Bryant.Smith dropped out of high school at age 14 in 1982 and married in 1985.

Smith died in 2007 in a Hollywood, Florida hotel room as a result of an overdose of prescription drugs. She had five half siblings: Donna Hogan, David Tacker Jr., Donnie Hogan, Amy Hogan and Donald Hart. Smith appeared on the cover of the March 1992 issue of Playboy magazine as Vickie Smith.Following Marshall's death, Smith began a lengthy legal battle over a share of his estate.Her cases reached the Supreme Court of the United States: Marshall v.Linda Hogan is steaming mad over a seven-figure lawsuit filed by ex-boyfriend Charlie Hill, who alleges he was mistreated and paid like her personal man-servant. While Charlie Hill claims he was mistreated by having to wax her yacht and not just her booty, Hogan says Hill never had a real job during their relationship. Hulk's ex-wife counters that he lived the high life during their four-year relationship, and the freeloading ingrate has some kind of nerve to ask for Linda, then 48, began dating 19-year-old Charlie a few years ago; she says she paid for her boy toy's clothes, food, vacations and more. Hill, though, has a different story, saying he now wants money for the chores SHE MADE HIM PERFORM, including fertilizing her trees (seriously). The yacht waxing is a specific thing he's bitching about, and one that has her particularly pissed, since she says he wanted to be a boat captain. No word on why he would have to wax the boat personally if he was learning how to sail the thing, but we digress. Speaking of which, Linda's lawyer Ray Rafool says, "Linda is embarrassed for Charlie and can't believe he would say such things" given their relationship.

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