High school senior guy dating freshman girl

Posted by / 10-Oct-2019 01:32

This dark, brooding, international relations man of mystery has you all hot and bothered before you even take your seat in Global Think Tanks, Policy Networks, & Governance.

He never speaks, but you know he's already mastered everything the professor is spilling out.

-I've never been comfortable with the idea of dating or liking a guy any more than a year younger than me.We can all admit it's probably just the pure proximity of this guy, and subsequent frequency of your interactions, that make him a beckoning blip on your radar.(The fact that half the time you see him he's half-naked in a towel maneuvering in his muscly glory from the bathroom to his dorm room doesn't hurt either.) Each semester, you hope your class schedule coordinates with his so your chances of face-time (the real world version) in the hall between classes are increased.There's a big difference between high school boys and college boys.For starters, the guys look more like men, and less like boys.

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