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There is some evidence that she's more aggressive in the manga; we've seen one frame in which she chases him carrying a baseball bat, though it doesn't show her hit him with it.

Arrogance, anger, shock, concern, amusement, pride, pain, terror, glee...(Nor is it shown for Kurama, actually.) We have no indication whether he likes or dislikes *any* food in particular--although, as this is a person who remembers what happened to him since *birth*, if he does enjoy ice cream, there's no excuse for him to forget what it's called.This explanation does a remarkable job of accounting for Kurama's bishounen human body. We know that the two are close and that Shiori likes to keep in touch, since she calls her son while she's on her honeymoon to see how things are going.However, by the series' end we haven't been shown Kurama's family interaction after he strikes out on his own.

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The only one of the team who ever displays such an ability is Yuusuke, and he could only do so as a ghost.

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