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Am brand new to this place so please go easy on me..The title of this posting is pretty clear but let me elaborate..Basically that's it in a nutshell just motivate yourself to take that first step and soon you'll be moonwalking up to people (well maybe not straight away that might be weird).edit - also some people find that having a hobby is beneficial as they can mention that to get things flowing. ah thought you had the look of a cyclist, I cycle myself was down at the ring or Kerry the other week, ever been......." I know plenty of girls who like a shy guy, problem is most of them are shy too! Try some CBT to help with the shyness, there are some excellent techniques available to help you get past it.I know not everyone is extroverted and can chat to anyone.I myself am naturally reasonably reserved but am able to mix or mingle when I want but I have to kind of force myself to take the first step. is confident doing so, they may be nervous as féck inside.

My friends all have the gift of the gab and are well able to mingle, chat and click with those of the female persuasion..OP, I would consider myself quite shy and always have to force myself to talk to others.If you were to ask anyone though they would say I'm very outgoing.Shyness is not a turn off, it can actually make some guys more endearing - I don't mean that in a condescending way.If you are shy it will obviously have an effect on how you approach women.


For obvious reasons it means he is less likely to get tempted and stray.

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