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She came to the mainstream news when she was convicted of frauding the investors for over 0 million.

As of 2015, Elizabeth Holmes accumulated a grand net worth of .7 billion mainly from her blood testing company, Theranos.

Elizabeth Holmes is a private person who does not share her personal details to the media.

She has kept her romantic life secluded from the world.

Yes, she’s a fat black woman with an attitude, but she’s also a shrewd businesswoman with an active sex life and her own opinions.

Though self-serving at times (remember when she made Andy rub her feet?

Her recent big disastrous professional set back was depressing.

She had a huge loss of money as well as reputation.

I think Donna, like the other characters, have had a great, nicely paced evolution.

I've found this article by Rebecca Wanzo useful in proposing that maybe we don't have to see "mammyism" whenever we see a larger black woman on our screens: "Beyond a ' Just' Syntax: Black Actresses, Hollywood and Complex Personhood," Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, 2006.

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Previously: Amber Holt from You know if Donna would strap you to the roof of her Mercedes, she's got your back!