Hayley and josh admit to dating

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" Jax wanted to know."A member of my team," Klaus replied. Katherine needed an assistant tour manager to help her out so she hired Hayley here. He's a fantastic musician and I'm very lucky to be a part of the team now."Jax checked his notes. I'll do a brief write-up for this month and then I'll see you next week in Venice.""Sounds good, mate," Klaus said as he stood to shake Jax's hand. Goodnight, Hayley."The doors closed before Hayley could make any more accusations."That was close," Kol mumbled as they walked down the hall to their rooms."Uh-huh," she grumbled.

Don't get in their way."Hayley nodded, taking mental notes as she tried to keep up with the fast-paced tour manager. No one knows what he does, but he's spectacular on stage, so we don't ask.""What about his assistant? Caroline has been a part of this family for a very long time and we all decided a long time ago that calling her just his assistant was degrading to what she does here.He's worn it all bloody tour, but suddenly, he's refusing.""Rebekah, I don't have time for this," Katherine rolled her eyes."You're the tour manager! "This is exactly your problem.""No, I deal with tour issues," Katherine corrected. After the tour, Katherine excused herself from Hayley and hurried away to speak with the sound technicians, so Hayley tried to make herself useful by checking on Klaus."All Klaus issues are deferred to his actual manager. "He'll take your side and tell me to deal with it."Katherine admired her wedding rings. Just as she went to knock on his dressing room door, a soft voice called to her."Don't do that."Hayley looked up to see a pretty blonde in jeans and a simple blue t-shirt walking towards her. ""Caroline Forbes," the blonde introduced, shaking hands."Nice to meet you," Hayley said. Katherine was very tight-lipped about it all.""No offense, but it's probably best that you figure it out on your own," Caroline explained, pulling a sleek phone from her back pocket. What I say about him will be different than what Katherine would say or what Henrik would say.""Got it," Hayley mumbled.Klaus and his family were staying in a suite while the rest of the crew were being put up in smaller rooms on lower floors. She dropped her things in the foyer and went to the bedroom. She almost makes me miss Camille.""Take that back," Caroline demanded. "And despite everything you are, I don't have any complaints yet."Klaus laughed and pulled her to him. For now, I'd like to shower and sleep.""All right," he agreed, kissing her before releasing her.When the doors opened, Kol and Caroline emerged, laughing about something."Oh, hi," Caroline greeted her. Moments later, Klaus emerged from the bathroom in nothing but a towel around his waist."Hello, sweetheart," he smiled. ""What are you doing, talking about the background to 'Give Me Love' like that? "We've kept a cover on everything for years and you almost blew it in minutes! "I would like to tell the world about us though, sweetheart. "Hurry up in there; I like falling asleep beside you.""Ugh, sap," she joked, walking to the bathroom."You love me," he called after her.

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Then we're on the train by seven AM to take the Chunnel towards Paris.