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Wollie Shelley, a greeting card artist and small business owner, is dating forty men in sixty days as a participant in a social science research project when she stumbles over a dead body.

Wollie decides to investigate the murder because she is afraid her paranoid schizophrenic brother may be involved.

In 1993–1994, Kozak played Alison Hart, wife of Dave Hart, portrayed by Beau Bridges, on the CBS comedy/western series Harts of the West. Lloyd Bridges played her father-in-law, and Diane Ladd appeared once as Alison's mother.

Her three children were played by Sean Murray, Nathan Watt and Meghann Haldeman, who has been friends with her on-screen mother ever since. Kozak has worked several times with Harmon, both in movies and TV series and she credits him as one of her favorite co-stars.

Like selective mutism (even though it’s not really entirely accurate it’s the closest hers comes because she gave up talking for Lent). Though I kind of felt that the schizophrenic person was a bit of a caricature of it I can’t really say they were or weren’t because I don’t have much experience with it and can’t judge.

She played the role of Bess Allison, a mother who dies while searching her missing baby at the time when RMS Titanic sinks.In February 1989, though, she made a brief return as an angel in Heaven.In 1987 Harley received a Soap Opera Digest Award from her role as Mary.Its sequel was Dating is Murder, followed by Dead Ex and the upcoming A DATE YOU CAN’T REFUSE. Magazine, Soap Opera Digest, The Sun, The Santa Monica Review, and the anthologies Mystery Muses, This is Chick Lit and A HELL OF A WOMAN. Log In to see more information about Harley Jane Kozak Log in or register now!

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One of the best friends of the main character kind of felt like a caricature of black women (but as I am definitely not a black woman I can’t really speak too much on it other than there may be some black women who act the way she does but it felt very caricature-ish and stereotypical and made me really uncomfortable). It was a decent book that took me a while to get into.

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