Hannah tointon and joe thomas dating

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Their romance had a suitably awkward start, with him offering to walk her to the tube station after filming finished one evening.

‘When he walked away he did this half turn and looked at me,’ she says. He told me later he was going for a “smouldering look” – which clearly passed me by. He also comes from Essex and is really family orientated – he has three younger brothers.

Tara Brown (Hannah’s character) was a ‘hot girl’ but she was also as mad as a box of frogs, vomited at parties and her memorable ‘first proper romantic night’ with Simon turned into an unmitigated disaster due to his inability to perform.

‘The whole point about is they are all about the uncool kids and the really awkward moments.

When I first read the movie script I laughed out loud.

It felt so much more real than anything else I’d been in,’ she says. I have no idea what is on trend, I don’t care about hip parties. It is amusing because I often get cast as exactly the sort of girl who does.’ Hannah (far left) with The Inbetweeners’ Belinda Stewart-Wilson, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Simon Bird and Emily Head at the 2011 National Television Awards.

I was the same person underneath – you don’t change your personality because your face has changed.

I was still shy and a little bit reserved.’ When she was 18 and studying for art A-level she was offered a part on the Channel 4 soap .

Her GP advised her parents to have the cyst removed before it grew bigger (‘They were worried because it meant an operation under general anaesthetic, but we decided it would be for the best’).‘We live in this world where everyone is meant to be cool and look perfect on Instagram and always know what clothes to wear, what they should be listening to and what smart things to say. Image: Alan Davidson/Silverhub/REX/S​hutterstocks, she and Joe live in Central London.She wears a pale blue sapphire and diamond ring – she and Joe got engaged last year.‘I used to worry that I hadn’t been to drama school, which made me insecure, and was scared when I first walked on set, but I feel that less and less. Secret ambition To create a line of clothing that is comfortable and looks nice when you fly. Now I think, “I pushed myself; I worked.” I go to a dialect coach to work on accents and I work with acting coaches. In my early 20s, I did feel like the girl who never fitted in. I’m comfortable being who I am – Joe is exactly the same.’ Just as Hannah is often cast as the girl all the guys want to date, Joe generally plays slightly obsessive, awkward guys. I’m far happier cheering from the sidelines.’ What do you have for breakfast? It’s his take on Jack the Ripper and it’s brilliant. Most treasured possession Home videos from when I was a little girl. Starstruck moment Meeting the Page Three girl Linda Lusardi, who was in a pantomime, when I was about five.

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