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Hack webcam sexsites

If you need to erase all of your collected data, send me 0 in BTC (crypto currency). This program is intended to exploit your web cam, records all your movements and browser history of the adults Web sites you are made a visit.This is my Bitcoin wallet: 1Pu YAe7BLx NE6F6z E2Pe Vthf XCe YH88Pm QYou have 48 hours after reading this letter. Otherwise, I will send video with your pranks to all your colleagues and friends!!! But the wickedest thing about this virus is that it can activate your Web Cam, access your e-mail and backup your contact files.

If you have already opened malicious attachments, we recommend running a scan with Spyhunter for Windows to automatically eliminate infiltrated malware.After installation, your front camera shoots video every time you masturbate, in addition, the software is synchronized with the video you choose.For the moment, the software has collected all your contact information from social networks and email addresses. --------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Malware on your device IDHey, While you were sitting in front of the computer browsing redtube and pulling your willy yours notebook computer caught a malicious program through your browser.Once opened, rogue MS Office attachments ask the user to enable macro commands.Immediately after macros are enabled, attachments execute a number of commands that stealthily download and install malware.

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Furthermore, be aware that rogue programs are also distributed using fake updaters, and a deceptive marketing method called "bundling" (stealth installation of deceptive apps with regular software).

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