Gta 4 dating kate after roman dies

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TLC has stated their intentions to continue with a new show featuring Kate - without the children.

However - it all depends on Jon Gosselin - if he chooses to include the kids.. He works a full time job, and sees the children 2 weekends a month.

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She claims she is not a local in Liberty City having arrived from the midwest.

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SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME YET: It depends which ending you choose. If he chooses Deal, then Roman will be shot accidentally just after his wedding, by a hitman hired by Dimitri, trying to kill Niko.

If he chooses Revenge, then Kate will be killed in similar circumstances, by Pegorino doing a drive-by shooting to kill Niko.

TLC will move forward with 'Kate Plus Eight." In 'Jon and Kate Plus 8', Jon Gosselin was still living with the family, taking care of his children and wife. Jon doesn't want to be on reality television, and chooses to live a private life. She's been appearing in Jon & Kate Plus 8 since season 1, and in an episode Kate says she's known her for "her entire life." (Kate's life, that is.) I don't know how she knows her, but she's there.

In fact, Carla is the only one of Jon & Kate's friends/family members that appeared in the first 3 seasons that is still around. Wikianswerers opinion: No, that is why he left her.

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NOPE Jon just cheated on Kate Kate has one known friend, named Jamie, who does not live in Pennsylvania.

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