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Good high school dating ideas

The first day of school has become such a great time of year to capture a kid’s growth!

What a fun way to make the first day a little more magical for the little ones! a picture “search and find” for the younger kids AND printable scavenger hunt clue cards for the older kids who can read, this is the perfect activity.

This list has ideas for your nervous babies too – even if that’s you.

Back to School Bracelets–Back to School Schultütes– A Schultüte is a German tradition used to celebrate a child’s first day of school.

Before you know it will be time for Back to School again.

To make the first day of school extra special for your kids, we found some fun first day of school traditions.

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The idea is that they eat it right before bed to help get rid of those pesky back-to-school jitters.

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