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Land-use Control Legislation Enacting appropriate legislation for land-use control is also necessary.

All urban planning activities and their implementation should be brought under this act.

Urban regional/rural planning should be introduced Ch3_43-7067 11/15/2006 PM 68 Urbanization and Sustainability in Asia as a subject in all universities and major colleges and be part of high school curricula.

Urban Development-related Human Resource Development Proper urban development requires adequate urban development personnel (i.e., urban planners and other professionals and para-professionals), and to undertake research activities on urbanization, including housing and infrastructure development.

94 Strategies to Enhance Sustainable Urban Region Development .

Liaodong Peninsula: Reviving Rust-belt Industries .

Cyberjaya Multimedia Super Corridor, Innovation and Change .

Luang Prabang Urban Improvements and Heritage Conservation . The role of the informal sector should be appreciated and recognized in urban legislation and planning. Such legislation should consider the objective conditions and the reality that majority of the urban and rural population is poor. There should be a broad-based planning act for the country that municipalities and city corporations can follow as a planning guide. The importance of a research institute on planning aspects also needs to be realized.

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CONCLUSION The strategies for achieving sustainable urban development demand institutional and structural reforms.

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