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Every girl wants to feel that she is the only special one.5.

Put A Smile On Her Face Humour is essential when you are sending messages via Whats App chat. Girls love a man who can make them smile, this a guaranteed way that you can impress her.

Shorter Messages Are The Best Starting with a shorter Whats App message add a sense of mystery to you. She will be more tempted to ask what you have been doing, who you were with etc if you just say that you had a great day.

This will keep her interested as she will be less likely to get bored than if you send her a long winded message. If she asks if you have had a good day, there is no need to tell her everything. This is so much better than rambling about nothing.

No girl in their right mind wants to listen to some sleazy guy and you can be sure that you would never, ever hear from her again.

Timing and balance, as with all the tips are the keys here.2.

Knowing how to talk to a girl without it getting boring is essential.

Boredom hits pretty quickly when people are chatting on Whats App and get long answers.4.

But in the beginning, keeping it clean is the only way to go.Time It Right Sending messages via Whats App chat at night is a good place to start.This means that you will be what she is thinking about when she goes to sleep.This doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and tell her dumb jokes, teasing a girl playful will keep her interested while you chat on Whats App.It also helps to make her feel more comfortable and attracted to you. Dirty jokes with the guys may be great but with a girl you are trying to impress this is not to be done.

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It can be pretty tough for boys to know how to impress a girl on Whats App that they like.

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