General herpes dating sites

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General herpes dating sites

According to The Center for Disease Control, one of out every six people aged 19-47 have genital herpes.Many of them don’t even know it, which is why it is so important to get tested regularly for this very common sexually transmitted infection.Often the prospect of telling a romantic partner is one of the most nightmarish parts about dating with herpes.

Here are some tips and tricks for discussing genital herpes with your romantic or sexual partner or partners.If you date with herpes, you should keep these in mind!Also, if your partner asks for a little bit of space or time to be able to process the diagnosis, give it to them.Let them know that you’re available to talk when they are.Even if the disclosure goes badly, remember, you are far from alone and the paranoia surrounding genital herpes is one of the most overblown panics in the world.

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Even better, many of these websites have forums where new members can find support and help if they need it.