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Fromdatingtodiapers blogspot com

I was surprised how much of the procedure requires my right hand. Also, do not schedule what you think will be a nothing procedure with little downtime when you have a few deadlines hanging over your head! Happy Birthday to my bff Michelle and to my beloved cousin Katy!!! Second let me first say that my son takes after me in the clumsy department. I'm in such awe and wonder when I think of how she came to join our family. To open our eyes to other children waiting in orphanages due to a small thing called a "special need". So thankful the Lord is still leading us by the hand. (September.) All I can say is we are smitten with the baby of the family.

The night after her surgery, she had taken a bit of her pain meds and was sooo loopy and HILARIOUS.

I really think we both should be living in a bubble!!

And it's really only one that's upset the apple cart... :) Yesterday we had to make the tough choice not to take the family vacation we wanted to because said boy would not make it pleasant for any of us. Cause were were going to visit really awesome people and the boys were going to meet some kids they came home with from ET.

At least I thought so until I had a small cyst removed from the tall finger knuckle of my right hand, rendering it practically useless. I've been wearing contacts since I was 13 years old. More specifically, the middle finger of my right hand is crucial to holding my eye open while I put both right and left contacts in.

Everything from the half and half to yogurt, to the toothpaste.

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They speak mostly great English but the spelling and reading is still lacking.