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The world is changing, but the gospel remains the same.

Getting married in Japan comes down to filing the correct paperwork.

The process and required documents vary depending on the expat’s home country and the nationality of the person they are marrying.

As each country has different requirements, please contact your embassy in Japan in advance to ask about all the documents you need to prepare.

You won’t be able to change your surname to your partner’s in Japan.

The only country that can legally do this is the country you hold a passport of.

After registering your marriage in Japan, you are also required to register it in your native country, typically within three months.

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With proper planning, getting your marriage legally recognized in Japan can be accomplished in a few hours.

Same-sex marriage is not legally recognized in Japan, but same-sex partnership certificates are issued from a few municipalities.

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In most cases, you will simply need to issue a new passport, but again, this varies from country to country.

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