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character, Rachel Green have a lot in common — and we’re not just talking about their sense of style.The two women have had quite the dating history and even dated some of the same men (sort of). After landing a job at Bloomingdale’s, Rachel falls for her client Joshua, played by Tate Donovan.

But, ultimately they two fizzled out as Rachel and Tag wanted different things.However, nothing was more awkward than the emotional scars he shared with Rachel.Rachel appreciated his openness but in the end felt he needed a therapist more than a girlfriend.Leaving Barry at the altar was one of the best things Rachel ever did. The two had a couple of run-ins after the big day, but ultimately Rachel realized he wasn’t the one for her.Even though we don’t see much of him, Rachel’s high school boyfriend, Chip had a few cameos.

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Rachel Green’s love interests might have been fictional, but the romance between Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars certainly wasn’t. But, Donovan might not have landed the role if it wasn’t for his real-life relationship with Aniston.

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